Thanks to the multifunction printer (MFP), it has become easier than ever for a business to stay on the leading edge of the office tech wave. Not only do MFPs help to streamline offices, but they reduce waste and save time. Best of all, most can do this out of a small space in the corner of any office or shop, with just one machine – which is better for your budget too!

Let’s take a look at how MFPs can help streamline an HR department…

Look at virtually any large or small company, and you’ll find that their HR departments are often overloaded with paper files and usually short on staff. HR departments need to maintain large amounts of sensitive information about their employees, managers, and contractors, both past and present. It is also critical for these files to be heavily protected and secure for the safety of the employees.

More and more HR departments are discovering vast new levels of efficiency and data security, while practically eliminating the need to maintain large paper files. Not to mention being able to do it in a way that’s far safer and more protected than keeping everything in some unsecured file room. Thanks to the multifunction printer, it’s entirely possible for any size HR department, regardless of their operating budget. 

Let’s be honest here…no one has the time to be digging around in filing cabinets looking for that one document. Now it’s easier than ever to scan all documents right into secure cloud storage, that is maintained and backed up remotely. 

MFP’s can help HR teams streamline document processes, like onboarding, while electronically organizing and archiving all original paper documents. Not only does this virtually eliminate data risk, but it also enables proper and secure access to any employee information needed, with the click of a mouse or a tap on a screen. This allows HR teams to use their time more efficiently than wading through massive file rooms looking for the information they need.

HR functions are document-heavy, but that doesn’t mean your HR department needs to use a ton of paper and spend a lot on printing. Let our team help! Give us a call today at (781) 762-1900.