I know we talk a lot about keeping your office’s printers secure, but it is just as important for your home machines as well. Many of us still work remote at least some of the time, making it critical to ensure your system is as safe as possible.

What measures should you be aware of in order to secure printers and documents at home?

1. Secure home Wi-Fi. If your printer is connected to unsecured Wi-Fi, it creates a potential avenue for hackers to take advantage of vulnerabilities in both your home and company network. The best settings to secure your Wi-Fi network include, WPA2, AES encryption and a strong password that gets changed once a quarter. Your Wi-Fi provider can help you with these settings if you need assistance. 

2. Enable encryption setting. Make sure to enable any encryption settings available when you set up your home printer. If the printer doesn’t have hard disk drive memory, then you don’t need to worry because nothing is being stored locally on the printer.

3.Securely print, store and get rid of important documents. Consider what you’re printing at home. Are they confidential documents? You may want to think about investing in a shredder for your home office to properly dispose of any sensitive documents containing company or personal information. 

The security of data and information when working from home requires action particularly on the remote employee. The company IT team can teach best practices, but it is ultimately up to the person to put these steps into motion. 

Please feel free to reach out to our team for more helpful security tips!