Now that we are back in the office with our associates, there are some simple rules of etiquette that may need to be reviewed. Just think of the possible benefits if we were all aware of the unspoken printer etiquette – the office would run smoother, it would reduce waste and save time. 

Beyond the commonly known rule “do not leave a paper jam behind”, here are a few others that are applicable at a variety of workplaces.

Rule #1: Refill Paper Trays When Low

When a printer message alerts you the tray is low take a moment to refill it. Attempting to print something and going to the printer to find the ‘out of paper’ error message may cause frustration. Refilling paper trays is simply a common courtesy to other coworkers at your workplace. 

Tip: Be sure to not over fill the paper try. This may cause jams and lead to even more frustration.

Rule #2: Replace Toner Cartridge

Nowadays, most printers will display an alert either on your computer or on the machine itself when the toner is low. Give your coworkers a hand and replace the cartridge before they print a washed out document. 

Tip: If you have never replaced toner, make sure to ask for assistance from an experienced co-worker. 

Rule #3: Recycle Toner Cartridges 

Every year, offices throw away more than 375 million toner and ink cartridges. That’s well over 700 cartridges per minute. If you’re wondering “can toner cartridges be recycled”, the answer is yes. 

Tip: We can help! Give us a call to learn more (781) 762-1900.

Rule #4: Print Only What You Need

If your company doesn’t have a print policy, it may be time to start developing one. A print policy is a set of rules and guidelines that outline your expectations for printing in the office. It can help you reduce equipment costs, supply expenses, electricity use, and associated print costs.

Tip: Always use print preview before printing!

Rule #5: Leave Prints That Aren’t Yours

It’s a common courtesy to your team to leave prints that are not yours. 

Tip: If your workplace does not have a tray for unclaimed prints, adding one could help lower the amount of lost prints. 

Whether you work in an office, school, hospital, doctors’ office or church, printing etiquette can help your team minimize lost time, reduce paper waste and help the office operate smoothly. It’s also a proven fact that it increases smiles and overall happiness. Here’s to 2023!