You’re not using your technology properly.

Like any service you pay for, Managed Print Services is only as good as the company you hire. Sometimes going with the cheapest provider ends up costing you more in the long run. Here are some critical signs to look for when trying to decide if it’s time to go with someone else.

If your machines seem to be running you instead of the other way around, you have a problem. Managed print service providers are supposed to help you get more out of your existing machines. They should be viewed as your trusted advisor, telling you which machines aren’t pulling their weight in the office and where you can strengthen your print environment. Your technology should be more streamlined than ever while using an MPS provider.

It’s draining your budget.

Managed print services shouldn’t be a drain on your budget. It should actually be the exact opposite…preventing you from wasting money on inefficient practices, unnecessary devices, and other avoidable issues. Ensure your provider is helping you turn your fleet into a money-saving solution.

You have constant maintenance problems.

Are you experiencing the same issues over and over again? Are you always scheduling repairs? That means your provider isn’t helping you actually find the root of the problem. This is a sign that your provider isn’t giving you the attention you deserve, which is what you need to really overcome these struggles.

You can’t see results – no matter how hard you try.

If you’re tallying up all the copier expenses after this past year and wondering what has changed, then you’re definitely with the wrong provider. You should have nothing but reports, analytics and well running machines when working with a managed print provider. They should be making your life easier.

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