The workplace looks a lot different in this post-Covid shutdown world, roughly eight in ten people work at least part time from home. This means an increased reliance on connectivity. Also on the rise is printing from smartphones and tablets.  This means that network-printing capabilities are crucial for businesses more than ever.

Printing from mobile devices, whether done remotely or in-office can pose many security issues for IT departments. Making mobile printing available to a team all over the place and keeping the system secure requires smart planning and critical thinking.

First and foremost, don’t ignore the printer when assessing security.  Only 44% of IT managers include printers in their strategy. Printers should support encryption and authentication as well. Install firewalls on them the same way you would any other devices in your organization. In addition, mobile devices, especially phones, should take advantage of encryption, password enforcement, network control and other best practices. 

Lastly, consider allowing only company-issued mobile devices to print remotely. One of the biggest benefits to giving employees company-owned cell phones is the ability to have everyone using the same hardware and software.  This allows all employees access to the same security and features improving internal communication and streamlining work for IT departments