Pay Attention to All Messages on the Machine.

If you see an error message, take time to read it and understand what the machine is reporting. Take a look at your machine’s manual and read the recommendations. Be aware that some are just maintenance codes indicating it’s time to service the device. If that is the case, it is usually OK to continue using the device until it is serviced.

Sometimes error codes on your copier can be resolved simply by turning your copier off and back on again. While it is possible that your machine might actually need maintenance, in some cases, this will reset your copier and resolve the error code without needing to call for service. It’s definitely worth a try! If the error code is still there after restarting, call a service technician and schedule an appointment.

Other codes will alert actual problems that need to be corrected immediately. In the case of a paper jam, the user should be able to remove it and return the machine to operational status. Always clear a jam immediately to prevent additional issues.