Copiers have been around for a while and with most things that have been a mainstay in our lives, some misconceptions have endured. Let’s take a look…

  1. It’s best to turn off your copier every night when leaving the office.
    • While both leaving on and shutting off your printer have their drawbacks, there is a happy medium between the two that you should know about. Sleep mode is a low power mode that can be enacted after a certain time passes when the printer is not in use. Also known as standby mode, sleep mode will lower the consumption of power that the printer is using and dock the ink cartridge back into the home position.
  2. Copy machines always have problems.
    • They actually don’t break down all that often. Many of the issues people have, like jams, are primarily due to user error or using cheap supplies. When a printer does fail, it is mainly due to the fact that the machines are not well taken care of. Please always remember to service your machine.
  3. They are more expensive now than ever before.
    • Copy machines have decreased in price over the past 10 years. While capabilities have increased, prices have gone down allowing users to get more bang for their buck. In addition, there are more options available to the consumer. There are machines out there for every budget and any sized organization. We can help find the perfect machine for your business- give us a call!