When your staff struggles with outdated equipment in the office, you may want to take a more in-depth look at your current print environment. You will know it’s time to upgrade when your employees complain about office equipment constantly malfunctioning. One upgrade you can implement pretty easily is installing multifunction printers in your office.

Designed to do it all, multifunction printers are valued for their ability to provide several printing capabilities, even to small businesses which may not have space for numerous devices. Simply put – they make your life a lot easier.

Businesses looking to upgrade or replace a printer may wish to invest in a high-impact device, such as a multifunction printer. For most offices, they provide all of the necessary document solutions in a compact, easy-to-use format. You now have one machine that can copy, fax, scan and print!

There are a lot of advantages to having a multifunction printer in the office. Here are just a few benefits, which sometimes get overlooked, but have a serious impact on how well an office functions.

A Multifunction Printer Improves Document Management

A multifunction printer improves document management by putting all of an organization’s printing infrastructure in precisely one place – physically and digitally.

They Make the Print Environment Easier to Control and Secure

Print environment control becomes much easier and safer when all printing activities happen on one network. Much like with document management, access control and tracking are easier when they only occur with one device.

Multifunction Printers Reduce Office Costs All-Around  

Multifunction printers are not only smart because they take up less space, a good multifunction printer takes up fewer resources as well. This includes electricity, supplies and maintenance.

Users Only Need to Learn One Device

Multifunction printers are known to be easy-to-use. With intuitive color touchscreens and simple navigation devices, users can master a simple interface and unlock all of their printing, scanning, and copying needs.