We get this question a lot and while the decision depends on the situation and budget, there are definitely things to consider when deciding whether or not to buy a used copier or MFP.

One of the main benefits of purchasing a used machine is affordability. Used copy machines or MFPs are much less expensive than brand-new ones, making them a very good option for businesses or individuals on a tight budget. Depending on the features that your business needs, a lightly used copier may offer more capabilities (speed, paper sizes, paper capacity, etc.) than you could afford in a new copier. In addition, buying a used machine can be a more eco-friendly choice, as it keeps the old machine out of a landfill. 

However, there are some things to be weary of if thinking of buying a used machine. One of the main concerns is the reliability of the machine. Use caution and buy your used machine from a company that warranties the machine. They will inspect and refurbish the machine, making it as good as new. Plus, many companies provide low-cost maintenance programs which means you’ll be saving even more money.

When shopping for a used machine, keep in mind the best life of a photocopier is within its first 2 years. This means you are less likely to have paper jams, engineer call-outs and major parts fail.

Overall, the decision to buy a used copy machine should be based on a careful evaluation of the potential advantages and disadvantages. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Whether new or used, this is a big investment and in the end we want you to feel confident about your decision. To help you through this process one of our techs can walk you through all the options available.