Why Are Small Businesses Hacking Targets?

The payout of a hacker getting access into the network of a small business is significantly lower for a $10 million company versus a billion dollar company. But it’s also much easier. That’s why we are here to help. Our team of experts can offer the right tips, resources, tools and equipment to make sure you never have to worry.

Keep your business safe by following some simple tips…

Security Tip #1: Consider allowing only company-issued mobile devices to print remotely. One of the biggest benefits to giving employees company-owned cell phones is the ability to have everyone using the same hardware and software. This allows all employees access to the same security and features improving internal communication and streamlining work for IT departments.

Security Tip #2: Having a printer or copier maintenance contract allows you to let an experienced professional service, troubleshoot and repair your equipment while you can focus on your business. It also ensures your machine stays updated and secure which will decrease your risk of being hacked. It’s a win-win. You’ll save time and increase productivity, knowing your printer is in capable hands.

Security Tip #3: Using equipment from TBS offers increased security compared to retailer printers. Retail printers do not offer the same safety and security settings as durable equipment from us. We offer built-in security features to help detect machine access attempts.