Printing is an important and necessary function of every school. From the smallest K-12 schools to the largest multi-campus universities, teachers, paraprofessionals and administrators need a solution that enables them to bypass print problems so they can dedicate their full attention to their students. This is unfortunately not feasible when educators have to spend their limited bandwidth fixing printers and searching for their teaching materials.

Teachers are not in the printing business. And we shouldn’t expect them to be. Dreading the daily trip to the school printer should not be their reality. It is necessary that schools and universities delegate these technical tasks to qualified managed print specialists, like TBS, so teachers can focus on what they do best: educate the future, which is the most important job in the world.

Typically when schools hire us as their managed print service provider, they see a drastic reduction in printing cost, an increase in productivity, heightened security and less stress all around. No longer do teachers have to worry if the school has toner or if a jam will stop all printing for the next week. 

By partnering with TBS, your school productivity is our first priority. Our team of technicians are on standby and ready to help with any and all issues that may come up. Does your multifunction printer need a good cleaning? We do that too! Our techs can schedule and perform preventative maintenance and cleaning.

Another benefit is never again running out of toner or supplies. Through managed print services, we can track usage so that when you get low on toner we know to automatically ship more out to you. Schools have much more important things to do than worry about toner.

Most importantly, managed print with TBS does not require any new hardware or equipment purchases. This can all be done with your current print environment. Give our office a call to learn more about how managed print services can help your school!