Image showing 25 Things To Look For In A New Business Copier

Choosing the right copier for your business is crucial, as it impacts your daily operations. Here are 25 key features and factors to consider when selecting a new business copier:

  1. Print Speed: Ensure the copier can handle your office’s printing volume efficiently.
  2. Print Quality: Look for high resolution if you need sharp, detailed prints.
  3. Reliability: Research brands and models known for durability and fewer maintenance issues.
  4. Ease of Use: User-friendly interfaces and straightforward controls are essential.
  5. Multifunctionality: Consider if you need a device that also scans, faxes, and copies.
  6. Paper Handling: Check the maximum paper size and types the copier can handle.
  7. Duplexing: The ability to print on both sides of the paper is a must for saving resources.
  8. Connectivity: Look for options like WiFi, Bluetooth, and network connectivity.
  9. Security Features: Essential for protecting sensitive information.
  10. Cost of Supplies: Consider the cost of toner, paper, and other consumables.
  11. Energy Efficiency: Energy Star-rated copiers can reduce operating costs.
  12. Print Volume Capacity: Make sure the copier can handle your monthly print volume.
  13. Size and Footprint: The copier should fit comfortably in your available space.
  14. Warm-Up Time: Some copiers take time to warm up before the first print.
  15. Scanning Features: High-quality scanning with options for different file formats is beneficial.
  16. Automatic Document Feeder (ADF): For quickly scanning multiple pages.
  17. Mobile Printing: Ability to print from smartphones and tablets.
  18. Color vs. Monochrome: Decide if you need full color or if monochrome is sufficient.
  19. Lease vs. Purchase: Determine whether it’s more cost-effective to buy or lease.
  20. Service and Maintenance: Check the service contract and availability of onsite repairs.
  21. Manufacturer’s Support: Good customer support can solve issues more quickly.
  22. Upgrade Options: Consider if the copier can be upgraded as your business grows.
  23. Noise Level: Lower noise is important in a busy office environment.
  24. Software Integration: Compatibility with your existing software systems.
  25. Initial Cost vs. Long-Term Value: Assess both the purchase price and the total cost of ownership.

Before making a decision, it might be beneficial to consult with other businesses in similar industries to see what machines they use and how those machines perform under similar demands.

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